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Darrell Johnson
Sun Certified Java Programmer

To use my networking and computer programming skills, combined with my math and analytical skills, to create real world applications

C (3 years), C++ (2 years), Perl (1 year), Java (2 year), SQL (1 year), Lisp (1 year), HTML (2 years), Javascript (1 year), UNIX shell scripting (1 year)

Operating Systems
Windows 95 (4 years), 98(3 years), 2000(1 year), XP(1 year), ME(2 years), NT 4.0(2 years), Linux(3 years), FreeBSD(3 years), as well as configuration of network peripherals (routers, switches, hubs, printers, modems, NICs, etc.)

Trading card computer game
computer game based on the popular Yugioh cartoon and trading card game. Text-based computer game that allows the user to play against a computer-simulated opponent using the ruleset of the yu-gi-oh trading card game. GUI version in progress.

webserver/application server/benchmark suite
team project to design and code a custom web server that worked in conjunction with an application server, and tested with a custom benchmark program

peer-to-peer network chat program
instant message program using peer-to-peer implementation rather than centralized server (similar to Kazaa and Morpheus)

ray tracer
program written in C that generates 3D models by ray-tracing

university database system
database group project, implemented by ER model diagrams translated into relational tables, ran queries, and explored various optimization techniques

hospital record management system
program written in Java, software engineering project developed using the software development life cycle. Application features a graphical front-end for entering patient information, storing information in a database, and coordinating programs and events for patients.

Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN
B.S. Computer Science, May 2002
Mathematics Minor
GPA: 3.1/4.0

Work Experience
Electronic Data Systems - Remittance ATM Site Support (RASS) / System Administrator
(October 2002 present)

Monitored nightly operations in the remittance processing center
Remedied computer problems for data entry operators, 7780 operators, and mail sorter operators
Installed and configured Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Workstations
Administered and configured user accounts
Troubleshot LAN, network configuration, and print server problems
Maintained system integrity
Performed system and antivirus software updates