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My resume will be here shortly, but in the meanwhile, here is a list of my projects right here.  As for skills, I can take a computer apart and put it back together (but who can't do that these days), put together a network (cables, routers, hubs), configure a router/gateway/firewall in OpenBSD, and make it dance.  I know my way around Windows, Linux, and *BSD.  I mainly program in C, C++, and Java.  Java has recently moved to the top of my list, bumping C to my 2nd favorite and C++ third.  I've written programs in other languages too like Perl, Javascript, Visual Basic, Python, Tcl/Tk, Lisp, and of course HTML.  Most program languages are the same though, once you learn the basics of one or two languages, it's not that hard to learn a new one.  It's just a change in syntax, the concepts are universal though.  


That said, here's a link to my resume.

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