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The Alpha Gamma Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma was chartered on October 9, 1994 by Andrew Oyefesobi, Richard Mason, Terrence Elijah White, Kobie Huff, and Antonio Akins. The agenda was set to establish a chapter, a campus wide organization, where men are allowed to be individuals, yet set a precedence as a service minded entity. Here at AGA, we pride ourselves in our ability to be diverse individuals, role models, and leaders in the Nashville community.

Legacy I (Spring '94)

1)Brother Andrew Oyefesobi (Mad Cool)
2)Brother Richard Mason (Big Brother Absolut)
3) Brother Terrence Elijah White (Tru Blue)
4)Brother Kobie Huff (Frostbite)
5)Brother Antonio Akins (Blue Lightning)

Legacy II (Spring '95)

1)Brother Jermaine Johnson (Onyx)
2)Brother Jason Johnson (Intellect)
3)Brother Kevin Jones (Nexus)
4)Brother Dexter Dean (Sidekick)
5)Brother Jamaal Finkley (Dr. Giggles III)
6)Brother Isaac Wright (Speech)

Five Pillars of a Dynasty (Spring '97)

1)Brother Paul Morgan (Third Eye)
2)Brother Kamean Daniels (Epiphany)
3)Brother Bakar Wilson (Blue Marauder)
4)Brother Yaw Agyemang (Catharsis)
5)Brother Frederick Baker (Father Time)

Blue Fire Resurrection (Fall '98)

1)Brother Mark Korbieh (Firestone)
2)Brother Irwin Bautista (Blue Phoenix)

Omen Of A Revolution (Spring '00)

1)Brother Jelani Teamer (Phantom)
2)Brother Jerel Smith (Philos)
3)Brother Darrell Johnson (Paladin)

2001: A Blue Odyssey (Spring '01)

1)Brother Quincy Hester (Phearless)
2)Brother Gabriel Best (Pherocious)

The Remnant (Spring '02)

2)Brother Eliq Watson (Blue Atlas)

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