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Slashdot - news for nerds, the best page to start your day
Infosyssec - portal for a lot of very useful links to pages dealing with information security
Astalavista - great for finding lost keys
Also, there's which has a lot of links to other sites in their box network.
Launch Chicago - a portal for tech resources around Chicago.

2600 - their quarterly magazine/booklet is a good source, the webpage is okay too BBS (HDC BBS) - a bunch of computer-related forums
Happy Hacker - one of the first pages that helped me learn more about computers
SANS - useful articles and papers
PacketStormSecurity - a lotta stuff here
Packet Storm - a backend to packetstormsecurity - more useful stuff - another new discovery
Bindview RAZOR - some cool tools
@stake - good place to get useful programs - too bad M$ calls most of the shots over there though
Bugtraq - they track bugs (and vulnerabilities)
Textfiles - a LOT of info here
Default Radio

Back to main - funny college newspaper - funny college newspaper from my alma mater
Daily Show - thank goodness for Jon Stewart and crew - has funny media
BBspot - as the site says, "Satire for Smart People" - my os type
Boondocks - by Aaron McGruder, comics that deal with current issues
News - for so long my browser (IE as it were) homepage was set to, so I kinda just got used to seeing it first as a source for news.  Of course now I've older and wiser, and my browser of choice is Mozilla and my homepage is Slashdot, but is still useful sometimes. - it's CNN
Slashdot - in case you missed it the first time
ShortNews - odd but true news stories from around the world
Fark - visit for the name alone