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<->There is no joy in Chicago, for the Cubs have lost to the Marlins. They were cruising pretty well until the 8th inning of game 6 vs. the Marlins. Arguably Dusty Baker could take some of the blame for leaving Mark Prior in the game, since he was starting to look a little fatigued. But Pryor's pitch count wasn't even that high, and Pryor has been known to pull the hot shit out of his magic bag even late in the game.

Nevertheless, the whole tide turned when an easy play was foiled by an overzealous fan. This could've been anyone, especially since everyone was reaching to catch the ball. But one guy was lucky enough to get in Moises Alou's way and mess up a much needed second out. After this play, everything fell apart. A run scores, Alex Gonzalez messes up a routine grounder, Kyle Farnsworth comes in and gives up more runs, next thing you know it, the Marlins have scored 8 runs. The foul ball play will be remembered as the start of the downfall of the Cubs though. As silly as it seems, that one event started the downward spiral of the Cubs, and their hopes for a World Series game.

I guess it was inevitable that we would learn the name of the guy who got in the way, but if it were me, i'd have tried to do everything in my power to make sure my name didn't get out.  But now Steve Bartman will be synonymous with inadvertant interference and dashing the hopes of an entire city. The guy's life in Chicago is ruined. I don't know why he hasn't moved yet. Or at least he should move near some White Sox fans, since they're happy to see the Cubs lose. If the Marlins win the World Series, there will be no reason for him not to move to Florida. The governor has already offered him asylum. But you gotta admit, it's kinda harsh to see someone's life ruined by this (or at least his life in Chicago). I wouldn't wish this on anyone, unless they deserved it. He was just a fan in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But yet and still...

Bartmann is now the new Goatboy of Chicago.

<->In other news, I just found out that a high school buddy of mine is now playing for the Bulls. It's good to see someone finally make it (at least someone I know). Hopefully he can help them out and get the Bulls winning again. Well not just him, everyone on the team. The Cubs are gone, the Bears suck donkey nuts, so all we have to look forward to sports-wise is the Bulls.

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